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    Book Cafe That Presents a Peace of Mind
  • She is now teaching at local colleges, as well as pursuing her Ph. D degree in food engineering... ``Peace of Mind'' holds a great view over the 887-meter Kongjak Mountain. The interior is not...
  • Korea’s First Astronaut Yi to Leave Earth Tonight
  • The 49-meter Soyuz rocket was erected and fueled at the launching pad of Baikonur Cosmodrome in... Yi earned her Ph.D. in biotechnology from KAIST while being trained at the Star City of Russia....
  • KC피부임상연구센터 본격 출범 ‘주목’
  • 이에 따라 KC피부임상연구센터는 Sebumeter, Janus 1 MarkⅡ, Skin Visiometer SV700, Primos, Skin pH meter probe PH905, Skin-Thermometer probe ST500, Translucency Meter(TLS 850)등 임상시험에 적합한 최신의 시험 기기를 보유했다. 기기들은 식약처...
  • Korean, American Styles to Untruth
  • for academics, such as Ph.D. degree seekers, satisfying the professors who hold the key, and so... taxi meter. Generally, petty lies take place on the street; chronic lies in the office or the...
  • Korean nuclear scholar wins award for paper
  • In addition to holding a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, Lee also holds two master’s degrees in... exposes digital security problems ▶ Park Tae-hwan grabs silver in 200-meter freestyle
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